the mandala gallery

Welcome to the mandala gallery. These beautiful and unique mandalas are available for purchase as high quality limited edition fine art prints from this site.

Choosing a mandala

Each mandala has something different to give you. Some are full of fire and dynamic change, some pull you into the depths, others burst outwards. When people come to my gallery to choose a mandala we will often talk for some time about what is going on in their lives and what they feel they need to meditate on. Then I leave them to sit in the mandala room for a while so they can quietly listen to what the mandalas are saying to them and decide which one, for them, has the strongest call.

So, when choosing a mandala have it up on the screen for a while so it has time to speak to you. You may decide you want more than one. If so, some of the mandalas were made to be companions and to balance and compliment each other. Three mandalas that work well together are fire and water’s passionate embrace, the fire of now roaring out of the dark and dive in.

My favourite mandala is in the belly of the earth. The picture of it on this site does not manage to convey its delicious depths and the strength of its pull to the centre. If you want a mandala to meditate on that is going to take you right down deep and which, like all the other mandalas, will change dramatically as the light falling on it changes throughout the day, then this is the one for you.

If you are looking for something that has a lot of bounce and childlike energy then try explosion of normal or a moment of joy.

Knowing more about mandalas and what they can do might help you to choose. The about mandalas page gives you lots of interesting information including a description about how my mandalas are made. I hope you enjoy my mandalas. - Anna Ingham.

fire and water's passionate embrace explosion of normal in the belly of the earth