the mandala gallery
Anna Ingham in her gallery (SEE MORE PHOTOS)

Artist’s Statement

Where to begin? The road that has led me to create the mandalas on this site has taken me on a long and intense tour through the vast and wild lands of human experience.

I look so calm and collected in the photo don't I? But if you were to slice off the top of my head and take a peep inside,you would find something that would look very much like one my mandalas. But only for a second.  In the next moment another mandala would swim into focus submerging the last, and this one would inevitably be enveloped by another a blink or two later. And on it goes,each moment unique, amazing, terrifying, passionate and endless. This is what the flow of my life looks like. The more aware of the flow I become the more I realise that I am the flow. I am simply an ever-changing creature in an ever-changing world.

'Well, so what?' you might think. 'Change doesn’t sound so amazing to me.'  But its not so much change that is amazing but being intensely aware of change. Then, every moment is alive and vibrant and you can feel the texture of change moving and wriggling in every breath of life. Nothing static. Nothing stagnant. Everything open. Everything free. Being alive is one hell of a ride and don't let anyone tell you any different!

Seeing as I've I have been practising yoga for fifteen years and teaching for twelve, I was pretty much asking to have my lid blown off. My lid has been blown so far off that it is never coming back. I don't miss it and continue to help others to loosen their lids. Three cheers for a lidless life!

In between my lid popping I did find some time to complete a fine art degree at Wolverhampton University although I felt that the most important thing that I gained from the experience was to eventually find myself at a point where I no longer cared what the tutors thought of my work. I realised that what I thought of my work was far more important

If you would like to know more about how my mandalas come into being go to the 'about mandalas' page. Here you will find not only a wonderful write up about my mandala-making process (written by Pete, who is my very favourite person in the world) but also a lot of interesting and thought provoking information about mandalas in general.

If you would like to come and see my mandalas in the flesh there is a permanent exhibition at my gallery. Viewing is by appointment only so if you would like to have a look just contact me and I will be happy to show you around.